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offering a personalized feed with the best, relevant recommendations, sourced by our community, giving you more efficient path to grow professionally. Now available for data professionals: big data engineers, data scientists, machine learning & engine specialists, blockchain and IoT developers.
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Houston, we have a problem!

Houston, we have a problem!

Have you ever felt that you don’t know,

which are the most important skills to focus on to reach your potential? Or even if you had a clear view on your direction, you struggled to find the most relevant sources & resources to acquire knowledge?

Solution for maximizing your potential

GetSkilled I/O is an experimental movement for guiding your lifelong learning.

Our tribe is recommending to each other the very best sources of their mastered skills: high quality learning opportunities & professional content. Then, our engine manifests the best fits from the pool to the given members concerning their background & future paths.

How it works

After you’ve picked the aspired skills with the help of our job market (we are processing job ads) driven AI, concerning your deepening and / or broadening professional development goals, you will receive a constant hyper-relevant feed of learning opportunities and professional content (recommended courses, trainings, MOOC’s, conferences, meetups, videos, podcasts, books, fresh articles, webinars, Q&A’s, etc.), based on others who have taken a similar venture.

Our knowledge pool is continuously crowdsourced from our closed learning community (plus mined out from API’s), then the cross-reference is based on the analysis of the recommender’s & the recipient’s deep user profile, track history & future career plans.

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Our profit is yours

Our profit is yours

1 billion blockchain-based coin program

We invite you to be part of this community

— not just as a user, but as a profit owner too, enabled to participate in GetSkilled’s success. To show our appreciation, we will be giving 1 billion Ethereum blockchain-based Skilled Coins to our early adopter users in exchange for their contributions. After reaching the break-even, we’ll buy them back from profits generated.

Your Skills = Your Future

Why would you not want to miss this opportunity?

Acquire a unique, up-to-date community-driven tool for your lifelong learning purposes. It’ll be free, always.

We share our profit with our users giving away 1 billion coins for free for early users for helping us accomplish our mission.

Soon we will close the waiting list, after that the platform will become invitation-only, most likely for a year or two.

The first 1000 users will have access to the sandbox of new features and then will get the premium features free for a lifetime.